Indian Grove

House Renovation

Indian Grove

A lovely family had bought a three story semi-detached house in a very good area, but the house was very old. Our clients were not happy about the existing layout either. After visiting the project, we prepared a quotation with all the details based on their architectural drawings, including 3D designs. After some changes in the design, they signed a contract with our company for the renovation of their house. According to the client ‘s request, the structural design and the preparation of the structural drawings to get a permit from the city were provided to them by our company.

After getting the permit, we replaced all loading walls with the steel beams in the main floor. A post and foundation was added in the basement and the structure of the house was completed based on the permit drawings.

Considering we had mentioned the allowance price for supplying all the materials, the client calmly chose all the materials such as hardwood, tile, countertop, doors, etc.

The project was finished on time and our clients were able to on the expected time.