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Why Basement Waterproofing is Essential for a Dry and Healthy Home

If you would like to stay in your home for many more years to come, it would be best if the basement was waterproof.

Yes, though waterproofing your basement is not merely a luxury. It’s a necessity for a dry and healthy living space that you and your family — along with any future occupants of the home– can trust for many years ahead.

So in this article, we’re going to look at why basement waterproofing is needed, the benefits it brings and how to go about achieving that objective.

Why Basement Waterproofing is Necessary

Preventing Leaks and Water Damage

Leaks or water seepage within the basement not only cause an extreme nuisance, but can harm your home’s foundations and entire structural soundness.

Small leaks steadily get worse over time; with mold growing from even a slowly increasing humidity level of less than 60%, wood becomes rotten faster and structural integrity is weakened.

Waterproofing means sealing up any holes or spaces that water can get through so that your basement stays dry.

Reducing Humidity and Mould Growth

Basements are naturally the spacing out of just high humidity levels which can make an ideal breeding ground for mold (and mildew).

Mold is not only offensive to look at, but also does harm your possessions — not to mention that it can be a health threat leading in allergies or respiratory disorders.

By transforming your wet basement area into one that’s bone dry instead you make sure that mold cannot grow everywhere ruining everything.

Protecting Your Investment

Your home is your biggest investment, and looking after it is vital. The cost of repairs due to water damage can be enormous.

Also, a dry, well-cared-for house makes the entire property more attractive to buyers when time comes to sell and it also increases transmissions, by providing cash revenues for owners either by way of rental income from tenants or through appreciation in value.

Basement Waterproofing: How to Effectively Waterproof Your Basement

Identify and Repair Cracks

The first step in waterproofing your basement is to identify any cracks or gaps in the floors and walls.

Use a good sealant to patch these open areas so that water does not enter. Regular inspections are essential to catch new cracks early.

Install a Sump Pump

A sump pump is an essential component in any sort of cellar water-proof system.

It collects extra water and takes it out which builds up on the outside of your bases, blocking that water from entering into your basement. Be sure to select a reliable sump pump, also test it regularly to make sure it works properly.


Retrofit A Sump Pump

It’s essential that water be drained away from the foundation of your home.

First thing to remember is that your gutters and downspouts discharge such water; secondly, adding French drains or exterior waterproofing membranes will further improve drainage in a dry range setting.



Adding a dehumidifier to your home’s lower traditional structure, somewhat can decrease it’s moisture content. A dry basement area makes for an all round better place to live. Mold needs damp conditions in which grow and reproduce not only quick but also harmful metabolites are produced; indeed, using a dehumidifier is simply necessary.


The Advantages of a Wet Basement Basement Living Space

A dry basement is a gift waiting to happen. Once you have it, you can change your basement into a practical living space, featuring a family room that spans the width of the home, an office, gym–the possibilities are boundless. In sum, waterproofing opens up an area of your house that is both potentially usable and valuable.


Indoor Air Quality Enhancement

With the reduced humidity and no mold growing as a result, the overall indoor air quality of basement waterproofed homes is considerably better.

For you and those living in your home this means better health and livability.


Energy Efficiency

Waterproofing the basement is one of the things you should do if you want to achieve a dry, energy-efficient foundation.

By sealing cracks and reducing moisture, your heating and air conditioning system does not have to fight to keep temperatures constant–therefore less energy is used as a result of this effort.


Comparing Waterproof Systems

Waterproofing the basement is an investment in the future of your home. By stopping leaks, reducing humidity and protecting your property

Emian Construction offers expert waterproofing services to ensure your basement stays in top condition. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve a leak-free, healthy home.

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