25 The Esplanade

Condo Renovation

25 The Esplanade

The client had an old one room Condo in one of the best neighborhoods in downtown. Her previous tenant had just left and she wanted to renovate the condo so that she would be able to rent it out for a higher price.

We provided her with a quote that included a 3D design of her bathroom as well. She then decided to sign the contract and work with us.

We started off by demolishing the existing bathroom with a stand shower and building a nice bathroom with a bathtub instead. Installation of new kitchen cabinets and island was another effective job in that condo. We also removed the popcorn ceiling and replaced the floor. We painted the walls, ceiling, all the doors, and trims.

Our client was extremely happy with the cozy result and she was able to rent it out for a much higher price.